Does God care what you use to church? Discover the actual response


Maturing, I was raised to dress extremely cautiously at church. Not just was my grandfather a preacher; however, we likewise went to a church that was quite judicial.

I keep in mind, in intermediate school, judging the women whose skirts didn’t expand below their knees. Really did not they know that wearing skirts that struck right over the knee made them look “available?” I was definitely stunned the first time we participated in a different church, and among the ladies was using brief shorts. This was church! Why had not been she dressed in her church outfits?

Even now, as a grown-up, I have a tough time not dressing up for church. I’ve put on jeans a handful of times when I was majorly expecting, and that was the only thing that fit, yet that has to do with it. It’s just routine. I don’t especially care what any other individual is using, but I really feel odd if I do not spruce up at least a little.

I stopped assuming much about it, figured it was primarily an issue of individual choice until I consulted with a few other Christians who were quite passionate about what I asked, “Does God care what to use to church?” So, I figured I would better attend to the problem as well.

Truthfully, I assume, “What is ideal to use to church?” is the wrong inquiry. Not just does it totally misread; however, when you try to narrow down precisely what styles/sizes/cuts/fits are and are not appropriate, you’re virtually guaranteed to wind up in a legalistic mess. And also, it doesn’t think about different situations and scenarios.

For example:

Does God care what you use to church:

  • The separated man who is lastly prepared to attend church for the very first time in years, yet the best point he owns is a set of jeans as well as a wrinkly old tee. Should he not come?

  • The party woman who is fed up with her existing way of living and prepared to make an adjustment; however, the best thing in her closet is still rather risqué. Should she not come?

  • The exhausted mommy hardly made it outdoors, who didn’t have the power for yet another apparel battles this morning. Should she not come?

  • The family members that are desperately having a hard time to make ends satisfy, yet that has selected to tithe faithfully even if it suggests they do without nice clothes. Should they not come?

The truth is, putting on good clothing doesn’t make you a better Christian, or more holy, or any of that rubbish. As a matter of fact, wearing great clothing may interfere with our ability to be good little Christians when it swipes our emphasis or makes others uncomfortable.

Yet the reality is, there is a big difference between someone that concerns church in clothing that isn’t as wonderful due to the fact that they do not have the energy; time, or money, as well as somebody that comes to church in clothing that isn’t as great because they are lazy.

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