How Tarot Readings Can Aid Mental Health


This is a time of uncertainty. Unemployment is on the rise, and a pandemic knocks on our doors. Separated from loved ones, many suffer from loneliness and a lack of belonging. Instances of domestic abuse have also increased, with hotlines being the only way of being saved. In hostile times such as these, people tend to turn to mysticism for guidance. For finding certainty in uncertainty. This is where Tarot readings come into the picture. With intuitive spiritual meaning associated with them, free Tarot reading apps have skyrocketed in terms of downloads and engagement. Professional Tarot readers are also seeing a spike in interest when it comes to finding peace in the extraordinary.

Tarot cards help people explore and understand the influences that play a role in their lives, for better or worse. Understanding these signs is key to changing said influences in a positive manner for a better tomorrow. Some social Tarot readers have taken to daily readings on cards on their social platforms, raising awareness while spreading messages of positivity in these hard times. Some even abandon the term reading, seeking to engage the audience in 2-way communication, in stark contrast to how Tarot readings were portrayed and performed in the past. While it may not substitute for therapy, there is no denying the therapeutic aspects of it. Many have reported having understood their trials and tribulations better, and that it helps them function and heal without setting foot outside their homes.

How Tarot Changes Lives

In a time when therapy has been stigmatized, a private Tarot reading, even from the comfort of a free Tarot reading app, can make all the difference in a person’s life, one who was earlier suffering in silence. It’s an affordable and accessible alternative to seeking professional help. Whether it is just as effective is a matter of debate, but it certainly soothes worn-out minds and helps them form an intuitive bond with the circumstances meted out to them.

While many Tarot readers in the past usually just answer questions or lay out a particular spread to determine your past, present, and future, apps have changed the stage today. Some let you have conversations with professional Tarot readers who are often skilled in the human psyche as well. Be it on Skype or Zoom, online sessions have taken off as the pandemic keeps us within our homes without a means of reaching out. These sessions are collaborative and interactive, a far cry from the readings of old. This helps establish a deeper understanding between the reader and the subject, leading to better results and lower amounts of frustration and negativity. Some readers even ask their subjects to derive their own interpretations, often leading to pleasant surprises.

The cards of the Minor and Major Arcana and their archetypical themes resonate deeply with people of all ages. Derived from folklore and tales, their powerful symbolism often intrigues and excites the human mind. It helps people delve into a world of magic, where anything is possible. A powerful escape from the mundane lives they lead, fraught with uncertainty. But in the arcane, uncertainty is seen as an adventure. Their rigid lives are paused if only temporarily, letting people indulge in a world free from the shackles that confine them. And the sheer engrossing nature of deriving meaning from the cards is one that pushes away all thoughts of work, commitments and problems that may otherwise plague the mind and disturb the soul.

Tarot Offers Therapeutic Effects

Owing to its magical nature, it’s almost hard for the symbols to not resonate with the subject in some manner. Cards drawn at random often have incredible relevance in the lives of the subjects. While some may see them as self-fulfilling prophecies, others find intricate connections as they believe what they wish to believe. A positive spin during a reading could drastically alter the income of an event that may be about to begin. Events happening in the cards could resonate with viewers, helping them understand their predicaments as though they had just shared their woes and sorrows with another person, trusting them to guide them through the rocky path. This lets them understand themselves in a whole new light, letting them keep their demons at bay and take charge of the matter at hand.

The power of association is one that drives Tarot readings. Be it with a professional tarot reader or an app, this power is at the heart of a successful connection between the subject and the deck of cards. It has proven to be a valuable ally in the face of circumstance and uncertainty. Invest in a solid Tarot reading and take charge of both positive and negative influences around you today! You don’t need books, all it takes is a deep connection with the cards themselves.

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