What Are the Credible and Effective Ways to Get More Traffic Using 301 Redirects


Not many WP site owners use the 301 Redirects, but it actually can drive more traffic to your websites. Most internet marketers and WP developers use page redirects extensively, in order to improve the performance of new web pages, which is by using the traffic and rankings of old and redundant pages.

In this article, you will learn about the working of a 301 redirect, and how it can get viable traffic for your website.

Why URL consistency is important for a business website?

Changing the URL of the web pages without implementing redirects, will impact the website ranking on Google, and can even result in the loss of existing customers on your new website.

By associating all the unwanted web pages to new and updated URLs, you can improve the user experiences. In the process, you can regain all the traffic that you could lose by sending users to irrelevant pages. URL consistency helps in maintaining domain authority of a website.

WP 301 Redirects are the best plugin to solve issues related to the old link, old content, bad links, and typos in the URLs. It helps you deal with massive loss of sales conversions, users, and traffic.

Using 301 Redirects for Rebranded Sites

If you wish to re-brand your website, then you can make use of a 301 to automatically direct your website traffic from your old website to the new one. Use of 301 redirects will immediately give a boost to your new website, because it transfers the traffic and ranking to the new destination pages. You will not have to start off from the scratch.

Make sure you plan the website mapping and URL structures carefully before using redirects. Mistakes while using redirects can cost you dear, but the WP 301 Redirects plugin will help you do it in a fully organized way.

Move from HTTP to HTTPS

The next method of how you can use 301 redirects is when you are making your website more secure. Many businesses are migrating their websites from HTTP to HTTPS, because it is more secure. During the process, there is a possibility that they might lose their valuable customers.

HTTPS is beneficial for every website, and implementation of “301 redirects aids in bringing your website traffic from earlier insecure version, to the new and secure version of the website. The use of this redirect would also assist a website from losing the Page Rank too. This is a tested and confirmed benefit of using 301, and 302 redirects.

How to use the 301 redirects?

Use of 301 redirects will help you improve your website rankings and also benefit from SEO. To make the best out of these redirects, you will need to redirect your website to relevant content. You will be more at peace if you enhance the security of the website.

If you are looking for ways to increase traffic on your website, then you start to implement these best practices. The use of 301 redirects helps to improve your traffic and SEO.

You can also check out other developer tools like the WP Reset plugin. It helps in reducing the time needed for developing WP sites.

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