What are some of the most well known registered agency services?


The registered agent you choose for your company can have a huge impact on how much you have to do in terms of keeping up with deadlines, and regularly updating things. You want a good registered agent where you have to do minimal amounts of work but still get great service. So here we’ve listed some of the most well-known services, to help you figure out which is right for you.


ZenBusiness is a wonderful registered agent service. Even though they opened very recently – just 2015, they have gained a huge amount of popularity, with the numerous ways they stand out from other services. ZenBusiness was created by a team of entrepreneurs who faced the barriers that other businesses still experience today. This is great because it means you know they have the first hand experience and so can help guide you through anything, as well as empathising. 

If you haven’t already formed your company ZenBusiness offers one year free service if you form your LLC through them. Even after, their price is still affordable – $99 per year. And ZenBusiness has some of the best reviews online – a whole 97% positive feedback online, which you can check anytime. They have great, affordable packages for small businesses and are friendly – overall they are an amazing choice to pick.


Northwest has had a slightly longer run, starting from 1998. Northwest’s price point is slightly higher, at $125 per year, but the price is still higher than so many competitors out there who charge more for the same service. And if you’re working in many states, Northwest offers volume discounts so it can work out cheaper. 

There are two great advantages of Northwest: their extremely friendly customer service and the fact that they locally scan every single document they receive on your behalf. Most other competition only scan the things they are legally required to. Northwest goes out of their way to do more for you. And their customer support is unbeatable – every single customer receives support from one of Northwest’s highly trained corporate guides, so you know you’re getting the best advice. You get a specific guide just for you, so you don’t have to explain all your circumstances – the guide will know already, saving you time.


Incfile has served over 250,000 customers in 16 years. Their base rate can start at $0 for the first year if you start your LLC through them as well. If customer feedback is a big thing for you, Incfile certainly isn’t short on this, given their huge client base. There are thousands of positive reviews online, and they are one of the most popular in the industry, especially among already existing clients. And while they maybe can’t beat Northwest in customer service, compared to other registered agents their service department is still very amazing.

Incfile are affordable, reliable and come at great value so you’ll never be disappointed.

Harbor Compliance

Harbor Compliance is another great, yet affordable registered agent service. With their advanced software, you’re promised easy tracking of dates, free compliance guides and whitepapers, and same day document scanning and delivery. Their website is also protected by Norton and Trustwave, so if security is a big thing for you, they’ve got it covered.

Rocket Lawyer

This is one of the best known services in the business – claiming to have served a whopping 20 million customers. While Rocket Lawyer might not be as well known for registered agent service, they can offer you a lot more in different areas, which might be important to you. The company itself is backed by Google Ventures, has protection from Norton, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee that everything will go smoothly. They have legal service plans that include consultation with business attorneys – so if having legal help is a big thing for you, they’ll have you covered. 

TRUiC has more insight into registered agent services, with benefits if you’re unsure about getting one. Visit their site for more.

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