The Best Android Apps That Help Kids Learn The French Language


Do you want your kids to learn French but do not know where to start? The good news is that you no longer need to make them read those boring books or get a traditional dictionary to let your child to learn French. With today’s development of technology, the smartphone apps can be good companions to helping your kids learn this beautiful language. Your kids now can get inspiration from the following Android apps to make them fluent speakers of the French language.

  1. French Translator/Dictionary

Developed by GreenLife Apps, this app is considered one of the tools your kids can make use of to translate English to French or vice versa. Your child will surely love using this app simply because it has the ‘word for the day’ which he can easily add to his French vocabulary. Add to that, your kid will learn easily because there is a sample to how these words are pronounced correctly with a corresponding definition of what they mean in English.

  1. Littre French Dictionary

Take things a notch higher while your kids learn the French language through Littre French Dictionary. This app works the same way as the French Translator/Dictionary but what makes this fascinating is your child can use it to learn the proper usage of each French word he comes across with. You will need Internet connection though to be able to access this free app.

  1. Learn French with

This app offers an extensive French library containing more than 3,000 words and phrases. The app is available in different levels ranging from the beginner level to the intermediate or advanced level. There are over 150 topics your child can access through this Android app which will make him learn French the easier way as he also discovers how the words can be used in day to day activities and scenarios. It also comes with a reliable audiovisual learning tool with recordings and photos of native French speakers. In case you have an existing account with, you can synchronize your child’s learning progress with your registered profile.

  1. English<->French Dictionary

For those of you who would not want your kids to make use of the Internet most of the time just to access their very own French Dictionary, this app is what you should consider. What is fascinating about this is there are over 148,000 entries that include the correct pronunciation for each entry. Its user interface allows access to search for words that your kids would want to learn about. Your kids can also tap on a word and listen to how it is pronounced.

  1. French Verbs

If you also want your kids to learn French verbs, then this app is a good Android download. Developed by Robert Muth, your kids can search the most common conjugations for French verbs through this app. It includes a grammar section with the common tenses for each verb and gives your child the corresponding meaning of the verb in the English language. You too can use this app when you travel to French-speaking countries and cities worldwide. This comes with a pro version for better learning.

  1. Learn French Phrasebook

When your kids have basically learned French words, they will love to use these words in phrases. This is where you can use the Learn French Phrasebook. It contains over 800 of the most common French words and around 200 phrases that a child should essentially practice while learning the French language. Generally, the phrases are those that can be used to greet people and can be applied to beginner levels of learning from numbers to making conversations.

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