The Worst Losers NBA Histroy


It’s easy to pick out the winners in the NBA. All you have to do is hone in on popularity and you’ve pretty much found your “best team.” The Lakers and the Spurs are at the top of the list and are typically among the most common NBA picks by basketball handicappers industry-wide. NBA handicappers are essential for helping you decide which team is favored in a game, and upon which you should bet.
Unlike the average person, who simply filters their betting information through a few Google sports article searches and their own personal team-related feelings, a professional handicapper has their own power rating system which statistically rates a team’s probability of a win over another based on a plethora of data. Some things a handicapper may consider are total games played and wins versus losses, injuries and conditions of players, whether the team is playing on the road or at home and how they typically fare in both places, history of the franchise matchup, and previous week’s game.
It can be impossible to try to compile that much data into a system that will spit out an accurate probability for a win unless you’re really eating this stuff for breakfast each and every day. Instead of trying to go it alone, trust a handicapper to do the job of sports picks for you.
While you let your handicapper decide what team is most likely to win, let us help you decide which teams are the absolute worst. We’re talking the bottom of the rung, all-time, most losing teams in the NBA. For the purposes of this article, we’ll only rate active franchises.

The Minnesota Timberwolves

The Minnesota Timberwolves top our list of all-time worst NBA losers. Since the franchise was started in 1989 they’ve lost 1,450 games, giving them a winning point average of .398. That isn’t an NBA record for losses, but for a team that is only 31 years old that’s a pretty impressive log. They’ve won zero conference titles or championships and have only managed to squeak out one division title.

The LA Clippers

If you were impressed by the Timberwolves 1,400 losses, the Clippers won’t disappoint you, coming in second place with 2,360 all-time franchise losses since their founding in 1970. Their point average of .406 places them just above the Timberwolves in terms of all time wins. They’re tied with the T-Wolves for zero conference titles and championships but have claimed two division titles, which slides them just slightly ahead of the Timberwolves in division title victories. We still aren’t super impressed.

The Memphis Grizzlies

Midway through our list of the NBA worst of the worst are the Memphis Grizzlies. With only 792 wins since their franchise founding in 1995, their franchise earns a point average of .413, which sits them slightly higher up on the list compared to the Clippers and Timberwolves. However unlike those two teams, the Grizzlies have never won any conference titles, championships, or division titles. They’re a fairly new team, so we’re cutting them some slack, but we’d like to see some championship bids or division titles at the very least before removing them from our list of losers.

The Brooklyn Nets

Second place is the first loser, but if you’re second place on the list of all-time worst losing teams in the NBA, we aren’t sure if that rule applies. The Nets take second place on our list. Founded in 1976 they’ve lost a whopping 2,028 games and have a point average of .417. However, it should be noted this franchise has produced two championships, 5 conference titles, and 5 division titles, making them a lot more winning than the previous four teams.

The Charlotte Hornets

The Hornets win the worst, rounding out our list of losing NBA teams with the highest percentage of wins versus losses among the five teams. Their percentage of wins versus losses is .441, with a nearly equal win versus loss record of 1,027 wins and 1,303 losses. Okay, we did say “nearly” equal. Though they’ve won the highest percentage of games, they too, have produced no championships, conference, or division titles. Founded in 1988, we’d expect a little more in terms of wins from them.
There you have it; the worst losers in NBA history, ordered from worst to, well, least worst, in terms of wins versus losses and total games played. When looking for a sports handicapper who really knows the ropes, find one who doesn’t favor these five teams an awful lot. However, if you’ve been following a quality handicapper that really knows his or her stuff and they favor one of these underdogs to win, bet carefully. Finding a handicapper who knows the NBA inside and out can be incredibly beneficial for someone who loves to follow the games and bet on the sport which they love.

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