Fix Your Old Leaky Roof with A Colorbond Roof Replacement

Fix Your Old Leaky Roof with A Colorbond Roof Replacement

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A leaky roof can affect your home from the top to the foundation. It can cause rot and structural damage. The first place water goes to is the ceiling causing it to stain and darken. If you have an attic, the water will damage its content. As the water moves down, it causes the drywall to sag and the growth of mold and mildew in your home.

Leaks are also fire hazards and can compromise the structural integrity of even the strongest buildings. Replacing a leaky roof is the best fix, especially if you are looking for a long-term solution.

Signs you should replace and not repair your roof

While it might be tempting to pick the easier option, such as repair, some wear and tear require replacement. So how do you know it is time to replace your roof?

  1. Visible leaks

While there are leaks that can be fixed by a roofing professional, others cannot just be fixed by simply patching them up. These kinds of leaks leave puddles of water in your house after rains. This is a sign they are large and will need a larger fix.

  1. Missing and mossy shingles

If the shingles are curled, have moss, or are missing, you should start replacing your roof. Damaged shingles are hard to fix through minor patches. You will need to call a professional to inspect the extent of damage and advise on the best approach to take.

  1. Storm damage

If your roof has experienced a storm, then the extent of the damage will require much more than a repair. High-speed winds are capable of ripping off the shingles from your roof or causing them to crack. Debris can also puncture the roof and cause severe leaks.

Why colorbond roofing is the best solution for a leaking roof

There are tons of reasons why you should use colorbond roofing to replace a leaking roof.

  1. It is lightweight

Colorbond roofing is lightweight, making it the best choice for replacing a leaky roof. In addition, compared to other materials like tiles, it is cost-effective, which will be an advantage, especially if you are on a budget.

Note that the pressure caused by wet tiles is part of what leads to leakage. Colorbond roofing does not become heavy when wet. This thus means it exerts less weight on the roofing frame, the walls, and the foundation of your house. This protects the overall structure of the house.

  1. Colorbond roofs are resistant to corrosion

Corrosion and holes cause holes that lead to leaks. Rust is a common cause of leaks and can be remedied by installing a roof that is resistant to corrosion. It starts with slight discoloration after constant exposure to elements. With time, the metal breaks down, allowing water to pass through.

Colorbond roofing does not require regular inspection to check whether they are close to deterioration. This roofing can put an end to leaks caused by corroded roofs.

  1. Leak resistant

One thing that makes tiles prone to leaks is the fact that they absorb and hold water. For corrugated roofs, the water and chemicals in the atmosphere react with the metal, causing rust. This results in holes.

Colorbond roofing neither absorbs water nor corrodes. As a result, water can run off easily without pooling, significantly reducing the risk of leakage.

  1. Long-lasting

The durability of colorbond roofing makes it an ideal option to replace a leaking roof. The roof is not only long-lasting but also easy to maintain. With good maintenance, a colorbond roof can serve you for over 40 years with zero leaks.

It is made of strong material that is non-combustible, pests, and wind-resistant. It can be easily maintained by regular washing with water.

  1. Design flexibility

Problematic penetrations and poor design are among the causes of leaking roofs. Penetrations such as exhausts, skylights, and chimneys are entry points for water, especially if the roofing type is not flexible. In addition, if the penetrations or breaks are not sealed properly, it could result in leaks.

If flashings are not watertight, leaks will occur too.

Colorbond roofing brings so much flexibility, which allows you to work with any design preference. The roofing material can be curved and shaped to accommodate penetrations and achieve airtight flashings. This makes it a great solution to prevent water leaks and pooling that will eventually make their way to your belongings.

It is also a great option if you want to have a flat roof, as the water easily runs off and flows down. This prevents pooling, especially in joints that could end up in leaks.

  1. It is stylish

Colorbond roofing is stylish, and the best part is you won’t have to trade functionality. They give the appeal of tiles and unmatched durability. They come in many designs and colors.

This allows you to install roofing that blends with the design and colors of your house. It also provides you with clean lines leaving your home looking good.

  1. Easy installation

Due to their lightweight, colorbond roofing is considered easy to install. They also come in manageable dimensions that are easy to install. The ease of installation lowers the overall cost of installation.


Colorbond roofs are a durable and cost-effective option for roofing replacement. They are also flexible in design, easy to install, and have a warranty of close to five decades. If you are looking for a permanent solution to a leaking roof, then colorbond roofing is recommended.

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