Exploring Some Of The Top Benefits Of Mobile Event Apps


With the increase in popularity of mobile technology, mobile event apps are slowly changing the way how marketing companies in Calgary organize events. Paper based programs cannot compete with mobile events apps on any level due to the latter’s scalability and ability to be customized. This is a game-changing platform that no event organizer can afford not to use. Here are a few benefits of the mobile event apps.

One brand multiple events

It can be quite hectic to build a new app for every event organized by any one company. However, if you consider one app that handles all events for a company and builds up momentum for an event during preparations and also provides valuable and relevant information for every event, this can be very useful for both the attendees and the company.

Positive impact on planning

Adopting a mobile event app can be a very good way to create a smooth channel of communication and can reduce the amount of time wasted planning meetings and events using pen and paper. It is simple, less time consuming and cost effective.

Interaction and engagement

Most of your clients are properly using their mobile devices to engage their suppliers and favorite brands. Why not join them and share in the attention they are getting? When you engage your audience on a mobile platform before an event, you are guaranteed to have an active audience during the event. You will also enjoy better feedback and an improved connection with your clients.


You can integrate social media tools into your app to help your users socialize and network with one another before, during, and after the event you organize. As your users widen their social and professional circles, the app slowly becomes an indispensable tool in their lives and a channel of marketing and general communication for your company. The users also get a list of specific staff members present at the event through the app. This makes the generation of leads a much easier job.

Event lifespan

With a mobile events app, your events no longer have to be a one-time affair. You can extend the life of your event and have your users sharing content all through the year. This will make the relationship between the company and its clients better and improve the interactions of the users.


Collecting feedback from your clients has never been this easy. With a mobile event app, you can guarantee the success of your event by managing the expectation of the attendees before the event and their after getting their views on the presentations during the event. The app can also help you monitor the reactions of the participants during the event. You can easily run polls that the users can take at their own time.

Real time content

With mobile events apps, you can deliver real time updates to your users, making users that they stay up to date and informed. This is very convenient for the users and gives event organizers access to their entire audience with the touch of a button.

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