Enterprise SEO Mean Bumping Up Those Communication Skills


Illustrating the results of a positive SEO experience means a Snapchat session to let the owner know a keyword works. Maybe a shout down the hallway will do it.

That’s because most SEO experts work with smaller companies with small crews. Likely the head honcho is nearby, so communication isn’t an issue.

In addition, it’s possible, likely probable, the top of the food chain at a small business know SEO is a good idea but not how good of an idea. Stakeholders in a small business often lack the knowledge of a true expert. Communicating an effective keyword, for instance, can be an easy task.

When one gets to the level Enterprise SEO, the dynamic changes. The avenues of communication increase manyfold and no longer is the yell-across-the-hall approach going work. Enterprise SEO requires a broader network of communication strategies, ones that better fit the structure of a corporate environment.

But one thing remains the same — SEO is needed at the enterprise level as it is in the small business level. The stakeholder, however, may not know why. At the enterprise level, though, there happen to be more stakeholders.

This means a large company interested in enterprise SEO needs a professional that can talk its language. For instance, proof that a keyword works requires shareable data that can be molded to fit the communication norm at Company X. For instance, a successful SEO campaign in one area of the country may not be so successful in another region. This reality needs to be illustrated in a fashion that works for Company X. Will an inter-office newsletter or a report work best?

Either way, it’s about communication. An SEO expert at this level must understand the best way to communicate success and progress.

According to a tips page published in Mediapost.com, communication — as well as a good amount of planning and expertise — is necessary to make it possible for stakeholders to feel empowered with the concepts and potential of SEO.

This same article offers a handful of ideas for tackling SEO at large companies.

– The first the author mentions is education. It’s important, the author notes, that the stakeholders at Company X are up to date with concepts like “the need for SEO” or “tracking techniques to quantify the success of a campaign.” This invites employees to feel empowered.

– The second tip is to engage employees who believe in the SEO mission. This too is an empowering technique that gets allies of Company X on your side. This is important because large companies have political structures and an SEO expert wants people on their side.

– Another tip in the article is to share “milestones” in the SEO journey. Keeping stakeholders up to speed using an accepted platform to deliver news on successes and missed marks is key to keeping people in charge interested. The author adds that it is important to have effective analytics involved in order to show SEO expertise. With this in mind, the article recommends the formation of formal presentations, newsletters and training sessions as a way to introduce SEO results as well as concepts at the enterprise level.

These strategies are part of a larger concept that an enterprise-level SEO expert must master — communication. This means being readily available to speak the same business language as the stakeholders at Company X. And be aware, there could be many stakeholders.

Knowing how to operate at the enterprise level versus at a small business can be the difference between a successful campaign and failure. In fact, applying the right communication skills is paramount in keeping a large company as a client, as well as generating new business.

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