A Few Key Benefits of Engineered Wood Flooring


Due to the exquisite texture and look of wood, hardwood flooring was a popular flooring option for long. Engineered wood floors, however, are a more modern and technologically superior form of hardwood flooring, thanks to advancement in production and technology.

Engineered wood flooring is ideal for both residential as well as commercial applications because of its improved dimensional stability and moisture resistance.

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Let us discuss a few benefits offered by installing engineered wood flooring in this post.

1.     Resistance offered to moisture and temperature

The biggest differentiating feature that distinguishes engineered wood from solid wood is its resilience to moisture and temperature. Engineered wood does not expand and shrink as much as solid wood does.

2.     Ease of installation

Budget-conscious homeowners, giving them more alternatives for where it can be used, can also place engineered wood. This can also save homeowners a lot of money while still giving them a beautiful final product.

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3.     Wide range of options for design and colour

Veneer-finished engineered wood comes in a wide range of design and colour possibilities. While every engineered wood flooring has the same underlying material, the top veneer treatment can be changed.

4.     More affordable

Engineered wood is usually less expensive than solid wood. This is particularly true for thicker choices that have been sanded and finished several times. While hiring competent professionals, installing engineered wood is also less expensive.

5.     No subfloors needed

There is no need for a plywood subfloor, which means that engineered wood can be put directly over concrete without the need for plywood to be installed first. If your area has a concrete sub-floor, your flooring will be less expensive.

6.     Versatile and aesthetically appealing

Engineered wood offers a warm, inviting ambiance when employed in space. The classic appearance of engineered wood and unified style can be complimented by a wide choice of colours and alternatives.

7.     Impressive stability

Because of its layered composition, engineered flooring is usually sturdier. Expansion and contraction are normally less of a concern because the layers are perpendicular to one other.

8.     Option for refinishing

Engineered wood floors may usually be refinished and sanded at least once, if not many times, during the course of their lives.

9.     Better for the planet

Timber flooring is famous for being the most environmentally friendly solution available. Engineered wood is even better as the planks make greater use of slow-growing hardwood species.

10. Better for your health

With a rising emphasis on health, engineered wood offers a plethora of benefits.

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