Ways to generate more SaaS leads


Every industry has its lead generation strategy that works perfectly. The most important thing is to identify which one works perfectly for you. Several lead generation tactics have proven effective in SaaS marketing, and this article seeks to explore such.

Find below some of these tactics that you should be exploring.

Creating premium content

In content marketing, “content is king,” which means the quality of your content and its presentation will determine the clients you get. If you package your content in eGuides, eBooks, and white papers, your prospects will feel valued and want to pay back by giving you precious details like email addresses, company names, job titles, and such information.

You have to deliver unique content that touches on the prospects’ pain-points and gives them solutions. If your content doesn’t measure up, then your lead generation efforts will be frustrated.

Get other products to integrate with

If you want your SaaS lead generation efforts to pay, then think of integrating with other software. Here, you can begin by asking your existing customers what other tools or features they’d want to see on your software. If, for instance, you’re selling accounting software, you can look for invoicing software to integrate with. When you combine your software with another, that gives solutions to the customer. Then you can be sure of getting new customers from your competitors and increase your retention while improving revenue per client.

Try a free trial.

Offering a free trial is one of the surest ways of winning customers to sign up for your SaaS software. It’s common knowledge that people would want to try new things as long as there are no-cost implications. Some businesses give offers but turn out to be not-so-pleasant, which can work against your marketing efforts. If you provide an offer that works excellently with your customers, you can be sure many will be attracted, and you have the numbers coming. It becomes so easy to sell to someone who has a good perception already.

It’s also true that the more generous you are, the more people want to spend on your products. Get something valuable to the customer and give out for free. Then see the enormous responses that will boost your revenues tremendously.

Host free webinars

Webinars are a perfect way of roping in more customers to your website. Here you discuss helpful information in the SaaS industry that gives the participants solutions to their business problems. To make it more impactful, you can bring in other influencers in the industry to host the webinar. Each of these will get onboard their followers, and therefore you can be sure of winning more to your side. Webinars are a perfect platform to build your reputation, and if you deliver helpful information, you can be sure of increased numbers.

Every other SaaS marketer is trying their best to attract as many customers as possible. To thrive in the industry, you have to be smart, know the best strategies, and implement them. You have to deliver products and services that will convince your prospects that you have the best solutions to their problems.

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