Internet to Sustain Smart Homes


Smart homes are the latest way to describe an automated household. What really makes up a Smart Home is not always fancy, in-built technology; it doesn’t even require you to remodel your house to fit in the tech. Companies have rolled out Smart Home devices and appliances that fit just well into an already existing home.

Things like Smart Lighting or Smart Thermostats don’t necessarily call for renovations of any sort. Smart lights include LED bulbs that connect to the home Wi-Fi and can be controlled through our smartphones and tablets – all that’s required is to fit the bulb into the socket. Easy! In fact, all Smart Home devices function using Wi-Fi, but that does not mean they stop working completely if there is no internet connectivity – it only slows them down from working to their full potential.

That being said, Smart home devices require an internet connection in order to work. A good, stable, and reliable connection.

How to Sustain a Smart Home

Two factors should be taken care of in order to sustain a smart home.

  1. Stable and Secure Internet Connection

As mentioned above, all Smart Home devices work by connecting to Wi-Fi. For them to really do the work they are designed for, the internet connection must be a reliable and stable one with enough data capacity to handle the traffic of everything it is being used for – streaming media, gaming, processing data from our personal devices (phones and laptops), and then any Smart device as well.

The internet connection must also be a secure one, as Smart devices are susceptible to getting hacked just like anything on the Internet.

Moreover, routers can be placed in different areas of the household to expand the internet coverage in a case where signals may be weak in certain parts of the house.

  1. Insurance

Insurance is a necessity in order to protect what’s yours – which in this case are Smart Home devices. They can be quite costly to purchase and if damaged, even costlier to repair or replace. Having insurance for such devices saves you from that.

Protection from power surges is also another reason to consider having the devices insured – or at least under warranty. Another alternative to insurance is power surge coverage, to cover the costs of repair and replacements of every electronic in your home if need be.

Internet Providers with Maximum Internet Capacity

Here are a few Internet Service Providers which have great internet plans and bundles that can handle enough traffic to sustain a smart home.


TDS Telecom internet is a great option for an internet subscription for your home. It allows the customer to choose between the standard Wi-Fi services, or upgrade to TDS Wi-Fi+ that features Mesh technology. The company offers several packages with varying download speeds meaning you are bound to find one suitable for your Smart Home. Security is a top priority for TDS as the network protects from viruses and malware, keeping your home and personal information safe.


Spectrum Service is often considered the First Choice of America, and we would have to agree because its internet services are impeccable. Its download speeds are up to 200 Mbps and no data caps!

Spectrum Internet uses the latest state-of-the-art technology to provide a secure and reliable internet connection to its customers – with enough bandwidth to sustain everything all at once.


WOW! provides numerous packages that are affordable and suitable to different customer segments. Their packages have varying download speeds – some with 200 Mbps and some with 1000 Mbps. And unlimited data allowance!

The company provides customers with a firewall, anti-virus, and anti-hacking services upon subscription to their packages. The security site is also regularly updated to keep up with security and protect customer privacy.

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