How to Repair Your Car for Tech Geeks


Technology geeks fall into a unique category when it comes to skills and abilities. If you’re someone who enjoys using the computer regularly, who knows their way around Linux and who builds websites or apps for a living, then chances are that you fall into this category and may also conform to a number of stereotypes with regards to your other traits and skills.

The average tech geek you see is rather unusual in that they have excellent abilities when it comes to computers, but lousy skills when it comes to mechanical or practical problems. Building computers? No problem. Fixing the boiler? Terrifying. It’s an odd contradiction and sure there are exceptions to the rule but by and large the stereotype does often seem to hold true.

One of the ways in which this can be particularly problematic is when you have a breakdown in your car. If a tech nerd’s car breaks down in the middle of nowhere then they will almost always be left stranded and unable to get it started again until they call the emergency repair service.

The objective of this post then is to change that with a short primer that can help you to get to grips with your vehicle. You might not become a car mechanic any time soon, but you should be able to grasp the basics and realize that this is technology not so far removed from your PC.

What to do When Your Car Breaks Down

The first thing to do when you have a problem with your car is to realize that this really is no different from having a problem with your PC. It seems a little scarier perhaps because the parts are bigger and the consequences of it going wrong are a bit more… destructive… but ultimately the same logic applies and if you can approach it with a calm attitude you should be fine.

Likewise, you can also approach this problem in the same way you would do a problem with your computer or even a coding issue that you don’t immediately have the answer too.

How’s that?

Google of course.

Type your symptoms into Google: be they ‘spluttering engine’ or ‘vibrating front seat’ and you’ll be presented with a list of possible causes. The information provided should allow you to them make a diagnosis and from there you’ll be able to bring up step-by-step instructions for what to do. Just as you can problem entirely by liberating code from Stack Overflow, so too can you fix a car just by finding the right tutorials and videos.

The Basics

By following the instructions on Google, even the most complicated issues become simple to solve. But to get you started, it also helps to know the basics.

To learn these, you can consult your car manual which should give you basic instructions such as how to pop open your hood and how to top up your water, oil, window washers etc.

You should also take some time to learn the solutions to the most common problems. Things like fixing oil leaks and jump starting your car are jobs that can almost certainly come in useful at some point and once you’ve learned them you’ll be able to apply them in any situation.

Trial and Error

And finally, just make sure to apply the same logic and trial and error that you would with any computer problem. If you have a leak then often the simplest solution is the right one – just find a way to plug it. Likewise if something is creaking or squeaking – it probably just needs oiling.

If it’s something more complicated like air bags suspension though then you’ll still want to call the experts for some help!

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