How to prepare GK for competitive exams more effectively?


To achieve our dream destination or career objective we should work hard and also prepare for the examination by studying and grasping the concept easily. Most of the students who all are preparing for exams will be scared of writing the exams. There is no need to take examinations as a monster. There are many ways to get rid of this problem by ourselves.

The main and important thing is you should be well-prepared before going for an examination. Identify and rectify the problems you are facing at the time of preparation. General knowledge is not a particular topic or concept that we should learn from textbooks but it is gained from other sources as well. General knowledge questions are available in every study material which you choose for competitive exams.

One of the best study materials which you can refer to before going for examination is BYJU’S sample question answer papers for competitive exams. This has been created by experts for the students who are preparing for competitive exams.

Ways to Improve learning methods

GK based questions are added in competitive exams because it will be very helpful for the students for attending an interview or any group discussion. The important topic covered in the general knowledge questions are

  • World history
  • Current affairs
  • Economy
  • Politics
  • Physical geography
  • Constitution
  • Literature
  • Science

Some ways to improve our learning methods are as follows:

  1. Reading books is one of the most important and efficient things you can do before the examination. This is because reading habit is always good for gaining knowledge instead of learning from instant textbooks. So always read books, magazines and newspapers which give knowledge about the world and things that are happening around our world.
  2. Make notes on what you have read for today. For example, If you have read the politics part, write all the ministers name with their designations so that you can revise it every time and helps to memorize easily
  3. Internet and mobile phones are also used nowadays by students. This is also one great technology where students can refer instead of books. Google will give information about any topics you search for. Many applications are also available on the internet for learning.
  4. The online quiz will be available on the internet. Refer to those, participate in the quiz so that sharing and gaining knowledge will be effective for examinations.
  5. News channels are also important because instead of reading and noting the points you can directly hear news like stories. Some students will be more efficient in grasping knowledge by hearing and some will be by reading. Those who prefer hearing this will be the best way to improve the learning skill.
  6. Attempt all the mock test papers. After preparation, if you are confident enough for writing the exam, do a mock test before you write the competitive exam. It increases your self-confidence as well as pop up your weak points as well.

Why is general knowledge important for examinations?

General knowledge is nothing but a piece of social gaining information that has been accumulated over time through different mediums like papers, magazines etc. I will say a general knowledge question part should include in all the examinations. Nowadays students are concerned about how to study the subjects or topics by heart. By hearting, any concepts do not improve knowledge as well as growth. There are many media available in our world to think creatively. For any of the exams like NDA, IAS, SSC, railway etc general knowledge is mandatory. These exams are very difficult to score high marks. So make an interesting way to learn or gain general knowledge effectively

After all the preparations, solving sample question answer papers will be good at assessing your level of learning. According to that, you can improve your weak points and even more expand your learning ability also. Always presence of mind and confidence should present at any level of things you do. These two factors help to achieve success and also to fulfil your dreams.

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