Houston SEO Experts Share Their Local SEO Knowledge


If you are using the digital landscape to grow a brand or as a means of making money, then you probably know the importance of online visibility. This is achieved through Search Engine Optimization.

If a business transacts through personal contact, then they are losing over 64% of people who use search engines to search for companies like yours. Local Search Engine Optimization is a remarkable method to market a business on an online platform. Some of the methods used with local SEO differ from the procedures in standard SEO, and they are easier to manage.

As the search engines evolve in nature, it creates a lot of work, meaning that it will require a lot of effort and time to get it right. Most Houston SEO experts choose to invest in learning local SEO rather than the broader spectrum of SEO. There are significant aspects that will help in achieving success in the realm of local SEO.

Website localization

To locate a website means that you include the city or region’s name throughout the website. If a business has more than one location, it is better to create separate content hubs or pages for each area. Another way this can be achieved by involving the business in local events, then featuring information and articles about them.

Citation building

Make sure that the site is featured on citation sites and other online directories. Adding the addresses, phone numbers, and the website URLs to the business directories will significantly help in boosting your search rankings. The results from searches will bring up results based on the search terms and the geographical vicinity. If the business is inconsistent in updating the address, name, and NAP, your business will be overlooked by SERP

Receiving relevant, quality backlinks

The websites that are well regarded will help the search engines identify yours as a dependable source of information through backlinks that are naturally obtained. Links and citations will help in enhancing search visibility.

According to Houston SEO experts, people using search engines are usually looking for a particular business. Still, a major population has no precise business in mind when they are online. Proper SEO marketing will place your business in a better position to promote your products or services.

Compared to print advertisements, you can reach a potential client when they need you. This eliminates wasted exposure, making SEO marketing cost-effective and efficient. Currently, statistics show that only a mere 20% of adults’adults’ still use print media as a source of information.

GMB Profile

An important part of SEO marketing is the “Google My Business profile.” this is your profile as it appears on Google. Your profile will include information such as the services offered, business description, opening hours, and contact information. These details are uploaded by the business owner. However, Google Reviews, GMB attributes, and GMB Q & A’sA’s are entirely generated by the client base that has experience with your business or has interacted with it. Local SEO demands that you make your information as accurate and update the GMB profile constantly. Google My Business is an influential citation for your business.

A citation can be described as any place where your business information, NAPW (Name, Address, Phone number, Website URL) appears. This can either be on a website with business listings or an online business directory.

Citations exist in two types, structured and unstructured citations. A structured citation will generally appear in listing from the form filled when a listing is claimed. An unstructured citation is primarily sourced from social media and the press. Citations are very important in local SEO; it builds the foundation for the search visibility of your business.

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