Domino Qq: Know Your Game Right


Among several of the gambling games that we quite enjoy the specific one is poker. Now, the division doesn’t end there, poker has different types too. Out of the several numbers of pokers, people play domino is the Indonesian poker style. Dominoqq is also called by names like Qui Qui or Domino Indo. The name very efficiently resembles its origin. The game is, for starters, a little confusing but once you get the hang of it you actually like the game and it’s fun to play. If you’re a group of people who want to try out 먹튀 that is something new and Indonesian this might just be the thing.

Rules of Domino qq

The domino is a game that is played with 28 dominos which are double six. In Indonesia, they are usually cards and after playing with one set of cards for some time they are usually discarded because they show signs of use and that makes cheating a little more probable. Now, there is a pot where all the players put in a certain amount. It depends on where you’re playing because that will decide the amount that is being bet. It, therefore, can be a high bet or a low bet. After everyone has put their amount into the pot they all are dealt three dominos and all of them are allowed to look at their dominos.

Now, after this the player can do one of the following four things; if no one has bet before them then they can place a bet and the other players can call, raise or fold.

Sum it up:

The domino is quite similar to the basic rules of poker99 but the major difference will be in the consideration of the hierarchy of the hands that are being played.

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