3 Cool Apps To Help You Fight The Summer Heat

3 Cool Apps To Help You Fight The Summer Heat

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Are you greatly affected by the heat wave from every summer? Are you sweating your frustrations out by doing nothing? It is time you learn how to maximize the potential of your home’s HVAC equipment. Whether you are a homeowner or professional who deals with HVAC, you will learn a thing or two from this article on keeping your cool in terms of mobile apps.

Understanding the fundamentals of HVAC

HVAC systems control the heat, ventilation and air conditioning properties in one’s home or anywhere else it is installed. To go into further details, you might want to consider downloading an app called HVAC Fundamental Terminology. In this app, you can expect to see a whopping amount of terms that are relevant to the industry – to help you learn faster, there are short quizzes and flash cards.

  • ecobee Smart Thermostat

In recent times, the handheld iPhone has become quite the sensation as a universal remote. You can easily access and control your desktop’s or laptop’s iTunes library as well as your cable TV! Now, you can add a thermostat control app called ecobee Smart Thermostat, to your arsenal of smartphone remote apps. You do not necessarily need to be at home to adjust the temperature of your cooling and heating systems or access other intricate system settings – you can do it from work and even on a vacation! Try programming a cool temperature setting for cooler home to return to.

  • HVAC Calculator

It is advisable to call in the professionals when you have to deal with anything that involves electricity or any sketchy electrical components – you really have to know what you are about to deal with. That is the easiest and quickest way to fix things when your air conditioning unit fails all of a sudden during a hot summer’s day!

If you choose not to heed the warning above, and there is no stopping you in the attempt to repair your HVAC systems with your own hands, try using an app called HVAC Calculator. The app helps you gain fast access to handy information pertaining to British thermal unit per hour readings, Fahrenheit to Celsius conversions and sub cooling formulas. However, this app is still better in the hands of a trained HVAC professional who has adequate level of experience.

  • KoolApp

Given its name, it might not sound like an app one can take seriously. However, professionals use this app as a pressure-to-temperature refrigerant converter. App users are able to choose from different refrigerants within the app’s library to figure out the right pressure – 48 different choices to choose from. The app can also display temperature readings in Fahrenheit and Celsius as well as pressure readings in Absolute or Gauge.

Want to get a HVAC system for your home?

Here’s a bonus app recommendation! If you are considering purchasing HVAC equipment in the near future and requiring a little assistance digesting the numbers involved, trying the app called HVAC Operating Cost. The app helps you do the math that you tend to avoid. Expect a breakdown of annual operating costs for both cooling and heating, and the analysis are based on your current location. You will also be able to save some money by making comparisons of a high-end model and standard HVAC via graphs and charts.

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