How LinkedIn Can Solve Your Business Marketing Problems


In such a short time, LinkedIn has transformed from a mere professional social network platform to a gargantuan space of 690+ Million users in over 200 countries.  With the presence of over 30 million companies, the platform has become an ideal place for B2B businesses that want to increase brand awareness, engagement, lead generation, sales, and revenue.

With the introduction of LinkedIn marketing solutions, business advertising has bloomed, and now your business can be bolstered if you know your way around the platform’s functionalities and some smart work.

LinkedIn is a wonderful place to grow your connections and amplify brand awareness with mere word-of-mouth. However, it isn’t as easy as just creating an account, adding some details and connections to grab the attention of your target users, rather it takes optimization and innovative strategies to surpass all others on LinkedIn.

So here’s how you can get started on turning LinkedIn marketing solution into a robust marketing tool at your disposal:

Take Advantage of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

First things first, you ought to learn how to create your LinkedIn company page, and not with some awkward and half-hearted attempts. A company page on LinkedIn is different than user profiles. Here the focus of the conversation is your company, its brand name, job opportunities, CSR activities, and all the things that demonstrate your Industry prowess.

This LinkedIn page managed by The Nature Conservancy has a vast network of 1 million members across 72 countries, and they utilize LinkedIn to grow that network. The about section provides to-the-point, reader-friendly chunks and ample white space, starting with their mission and vision, and moving towards their accomplishments in the conservation of the environment.

The company page has drawn over 160,000 followers through engaging videos and articles starring impactful pictures that convey the dire environment issues, and how businesses can make a difference. They have employed images to demonstrate their organization’s reach, content that conveys core values, and well-placed CTAs that encourage job seekers to connect with them.

Setting Up a LinkedIn Company Page

So if you want engagement anywhere near as this page’s, then get started with creating your LinkedIn company page on LinkedIn marketing solutions.

Enter necessary details such as the company name and the URL for users to find you on LinkedIn. Then start adding details such as industry type, company size, and type, number of employees, business address, founding year, the cover photo that aptly denotes your business, a profile picture as the company logo (should be the same image on every social media platform), craft a concise description of your vision and accomplishments creatively in 2000 characters, add specialties, and anything that you deem necessary.

Now publish your page. You can view your company page in the Member View tab. Also, add page admins, who’d help manage the page.

It’s time to get started with marketing your business on LinkedIn. Develop goals, strategies, and solutions regarding how you would be promoting your brand.

These tips below will narrow your strategy formulation and implementation much easier.

  • Fine-Tune Your Profile to Perfection

You would be surprised how many people skip this part and move onto a seemingly important strategy, but optimizing your profile shouldn’t be remised at any cost.

The company page represents your business; however, users look for a personal touch and they find it in the user’s profile. That’s not to say that both should be mixed up, the page lets your company talk about its goals and achievements, and the profile speaks about your personal journey with the company and other matters.

A high-quality profile picture, achievements, skills, current positions, rewards, recognition, and a catchy headline along with frequent postings and useful content could draw more followers than your company page.

Fine-tuning your profile and active presence on the platform can help foster meaningful connections from your industry.

  • Think of Your Readers Before Crafting Content

Who cares about a company’s message? People everywhere look for content that benefits them.  90% of top-performing B2B marketers put their audience first before their company’s promotional message.

LinkedIn isn’t like your traditional marketing platform where you directly sell or promote your business, but providing user-focused content can definitely skyrocket your popularity.

Source: LinkedIn

Kirsty Bonner is one of the most popular personalities on LinkedIn. She creates ordinary-looking posts like any other, but their relevance and usefulness make Kirsty Bonner’s profile incredibly valuable. In fact, after generating such value she is the founder & CEO of her own career consultancy.

With educational, informational, and entertaining content focusing on your audience, you can foster an instant connection with them on behalf of you and the company.

  • Get Your Employees’ Involvement

LinkedIn is a networking platform so you would need the aid of your employee network to get rolling. Get them involved and ask them to share your company posts and even indulge in meaningful discussions. Such activities will appear on your employee connections’ feeds. That’s when network effect will work to your advantage as your employees share your brand-related news, updates, and articles with their connection.

  • Connect with Relevant Audience

With the easy availability of internet connectivity, courtesy of the likes of Windstream Internet Service, people turn to the internet for information and making purchase decisions, and that includes your business customers. However, selling to your target audience on the first meeting wouldn’t bode well as they would be put off. So make sure you are targeting the right people when promoting your business.

While running target ads on LinkedIn, utilize the LinkedIn matched audience feature. The option enables targeting of the right audience i.e. those who have previously visited your profile, users who are familiar with your brand, or those present on your existing email and other accounts.

This will greatly improve the conversion rate.

Depending on where your audience is in the customer funnel, send them the message accordingly. Craft awareness campaigns for a new audience, while you can promote and sell to those already familiar with your brand, and re-target those who didn’t convert previously.

  • Measure and Improve with Analytics

As you go on enriching your platform with detailed content, keep an eye on LinkedIn analytics as it records useful metrics, and delivers surprising insights. You can monitor the performance of your posts on LinkedIn daily and come up with ways to optimize it.

If you want to quadruple your content engagement or the effectiveness of every marketing strategy on the platform, monitor important metrics and glean answers like ‘What sort of content my audience love?’, ‘Where do they work?’, etc. You think you already know the answer, but the analytics can accurately pinpoint the what, when, and why with concrete facts.

Bringing it All Together

LinkedIn may seem like an ordinary platform, but as you employ these nifty tactics, and craft relevant strategies, the platform can prove to be immensely rewarding for your business and customers too.

Baldwin Jackson is a successful digital marketer with expertise in search engine optimization and content marketing. The perfect balance of his analytical ability and creative thinking is what sets him apart from other practitioners in the digital marketing realm. He has helped a lot of small and medium-sized businesses in crafting their digital marketing strategies that are not only cost-effective but delivers results as well.

Baldwin is also a proud father of two kids and a Sports enthusiast. When he is not working, you will find him watching ESPN and NFL network.

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